Godavari is a diamond brand founded on the principles of sustainable luxury, mindful design and bespoke craftsmanship. The Godavari marque heralds these principles along with the element of surprise, a moment in time to be remembered forever.

founded by Jane Bell, Godavari was built on a unique vision to weave human connection throughout the brand experience. Along with mindful design and bespoke craftsmanship, no detail is left to chance.

Godavari diamonds are special, chosen for their unique splendour and luminosity. Each diamond has been analysed, examined and selected with meticulous attention to detail.

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Our Global partners carefully select diamonds from fair-trade organisations and sustainably-producing mines. Diamantaires cut and polish each Godavari diamond to the highest standards, using craftsmanship passed down through generations. There is an inscription on the girdle, ensuring accurate identification, providing a link to an independent report from the Gemological Institute of America.



Godavari is proud to be a luxury brand, based in the culturally diverse city of Auckland in Aotearoa, New Zealand. This is a nation of pioneers, questioning traditional viewpoints and processes. Godavari jewellery is designed and crafted by artisans in New Zealand. The Godavari jewellery case and gift packaging is hand-crafted by local suppliers, providing a gifting experience that is unique. The Godavari commitment to local suppliers means that ethical and sustainable practices are constantly monitored and maintained to the highest possible standards.

Peace of Mind

Our process ensures Godavari is able to provide assurance as to the provenance and authenticity of all Godavari Diamonds, for complete peace of mind.