Discover Your Individuality

Celebrate the individuality of spirit with our beautiful Godavari Accessories. With their scintillating brilliance and playful forms. Customise your Godavari diamond stud with Halos and Hoops. or combine all three for a truly unique set. This is an investment in luxury. Add accessories at any time from other collections to create unique and stunning pieces to suit your mood, your style. From simple elegance to sophisticated glamour. Godavari Accessories is a world of creative possibilities for all occasions.

Godavari Accessories

Begin by selecting one of our Godavari diamond studs. Then choose a Halo or Hoop accessory to customise or combine all three for a truly unique set. Add further accessories from other collections at any time. Godavari Accessories lets you wear it your way as you customise your jewellery from one beautiful form to the next.