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Hearts will be won with the mindful gift of a Godavari Diamond. Select one of our signature settings, or create your dream rings together through our bespoke engagement ring service at our Auckland showroom.

signature settings

The Godavari diamond engagement rings are beautifully crafted in your metal preferance of platinum, 18k gold and rose gold.

Capture the ultimate brilliance with selecting a natural or lab grown diamond, then create your dream engagemnt ring to cherrish forever.

Bespoke Service


Purchasing a Godavari Diamond is your ethical guarentee in both sustainablity and quality. Our Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds are chosen on their brilliance and splendour. Each diamond has been analysed, examined and selected with meticulous attention to detail.

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Godavari Guidance

The Godavari Diamond experts believe in embracing individuality and creating an engagement ring unique to you. From the diamond and choice of metal to the design and craftsmanship. Godavari weaves human connection throughout the brand experience, creating a piece to be with you forever.

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